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“CWWM averages 50% of its roster as State qualifiers.  Some go on to Zone and Nationals.   The summer of 2009 Tyler Lentz  and Matt Friede qualified for the Jr. Nationals, Sr. Nationals & US Open.  , having trained for 7+ yrs with CWWM.  As Seniors in high school they each received a college scholarship, Tyler to Iowa and Matt to Purdue. Results of short course USA State March 2010: tyler took 5 1st places and one 2nd earning the High Point award for Sr. Men.  Matt took a 2nd and 3rd.  Lindsey Lentz also did well at state finishing 19,20,20, & 30th.  

                   Tyler Lentz,Eleanor Fennie,Matt Friede

CWWM  also did well at 12 & Under State.  Sophia Oettinger 10 finished with a 6th,7th,8th,8th,9th,& another 9th.  Laken Murphy 12 qualified for Zone representing Wi against 5 other states. & finished 13th

CWWM has been a training base for many local stars.

.Swimmers from all around.-  Reedsburg, Baraboo, Portage, Wis. Dells, Sauk City, New Lisbon.  Put your town on the team.

Dear Eleanor,
Thank you so much for coaching Ty.  He so enjoyed working with you & felt he learned more from you in the short time he worked with you , then with any of his other coaches he has worked with over the past ten years.  He'd like to work with you after he has completed his high school swim.
Thank you so much.  We appreciate & respect your dedication & expertise greatly.
Many, Randy, & Ty Krszjzaniek